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Of course, research may be quite demanding, but if you can spend a considerable amount of time to it, you should. Start from the basics, write a list of the things you may be interested in learning and take things from there.

If the composition is to be exclusively used in educational purposes, it must be suitable for children under the age of twelve. If the composition is meant to be read by older students, it must be suitable for teenagers as well. Your professor or mentor may ask you to clarify the ways and rules of the composition.

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When composing a document on the topic of philosophy, you ought to make the viewpoint of your readers understandable, or else they will not understand what your point is. After all, they are not necessarily psychologists or philosophers, but average individuals who can understand and digest a 2,000-word text.

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The more you create a readable document, the better your chance of being chosen for a school or university.

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Don’t overdo your essay with the number of characters. One of the biggest mistakes students commit when writing their own personal essays is including too many and too different clauses.

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This is considered very confusing and possibly even boring. You should never use an overwhelming number of clauses, so that your readers are not irritated with the way your essay is written.

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Use a really active voice. Using an overly passive voice can give the reader the feeling that the writer didn’t want to write about the given issue, and he did not care about the topic.

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These readers will consider the writer a know-nothing, and they will start tuning out.

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Use active verbs in your essay. Use them to describe actions in the words they have to be said.

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For example, you can say “grew” instead of “grew.” You could use “struggled” instead of “struggled.” They’re just stronger words.

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Keep to a topic. No matter what you have to write about, always stick to a topic. When you start thinking too broadly, it may be quite difficult to come up with a topic, or it may make your essay monotonous


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It might be a good idea to stick to one topic, and use it to answer the essay question.
Write essays without using quotes. There are a few uses for quotations in documents, but you should get the idea. If you want the reader to “see what I am saying” using a quotation.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus nec pretium mi. Curabitur facilisis ornare velit non.
Analyzing your every move on the note (what you write, what you order, how you deal with your hand and arm) and use the best words to convey your thoughts.
Your teacher will surely appreciate this exercise if your goal is to gain better handwriting.
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